Can’t Read?
Can’t Succeed.

Students who can’t read proficiently are more likely to drop out of school & fall behind.
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The Problem

Massachusetts may rank first in the nation in education, but despite this, far too many of our students can’t read proficiently.

53% of Massachusetts students are not reading at grade-level by the end of third grade. Even more concerning, 71% of poor students, 71% of Black students, 71% of Latino/Hispanic students, 80% of English Language Learner students, and 86% of students with disabilities are not reading at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade.

Students who can’t read at grade-level by the end of third grade are four times more likely than their peers to drop out of school.

Our Solution

The greatest impact for ensuring student success lies in a strong partnership among parents, teachers, and schools.

It is crucial that parents are informed about the status of their children’s educational progress and that teachers and schools receive the financial resources and other support they need, including valid assessments, instructional programming that is proven to be effective, and training and professional development programs, to effectively teach the science of reading, assess students’ achievement, and enable each student to achieve the grade-level expectations for reading.

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